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The Ways of Light


The Ways of Light

Where there is light, darkness must flee. 


The Fae are people of light, empowered by the energy of the Sun. They live in the light, they play in the light, they heal in the light—yet they are ruled by the darkest Fae king in all their long history.

Baylen Knight, dark, dangerous, and stalked by evil. A man given a crown he did not want. Baylen is a man consumed by grief and guilt from the death of past mates at the hands of his enemies. He dare not love again. His sanity, his very soul would not survive another loss. Baylen is a man adrift in the darkness


Aliora Aurelius is unique. She is magic. She is light—A being not seen since the war that drove the Fae from their home world over a thousand years ago. Gentle, kind, and good, she is a woman who boldly marches to her own drum. Aliora is the light, and where there is light, darkness must flee. 



In a time when wars are fought in space, with galaxies and dimensions at stake, a legend of cold technology and blazing magic arises.

In a time of advanced science, medicine, and intellect. Magic still exists.

In a time where peace has been abandoned by the power-hungry, where people are insignificant casualties of war, where ideals have been sacrificed to the conquerors. 

Hope still exists.

In this world, the Dark Elves are warriors and survivors. They are led by Curran Nadiir, the last Spirit Warrior of a once specialized military unit made up of their greatest heroes. Curran struggles to save the remaining Dark Elves from The Suzerain—a powerful race bent on ruling the universe.

Hunted by the merciless Suzerain Commander D'miron, Willow Solar is a woman with a dangerous secret. A secret that could lead to the annihilation of worlds —including the last refuge of the Dark Elves.

When Willow is captured by Curran, a man presumed dead, she sees the opportunity to build a safe life in a place the Suzerain will never find her.

Together they have a chance to defeat the enemy determined to exterminate the Dark Elven people. Are Willow's powers and Curran's strength enough to outmaneuver an empire that commands nearly half a million battleships and soldiers of all races?

The Way Maker

Short-listed for the  Eighth Annual Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writers Prize 2022 


For hundreds of years, the Dragon Warriors of Althanea have fought against an archaic belief system that enslaved the women of their world.

Now, a dangerous outside influence emerges —her name is Brooke St. Claire.

Abducted by aliens and genetically modified, Brooke’s life is forever altered. Now, she has become a catalyst for change, but will that change free the women of Althanea —or will it destroy her—and the Dragon Warrior who protected a woman he should never have let live.

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